Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A trip to Digha

While we were spending some jobless days in the starting of the semester a short trip to Digha was planned all of a sudden. We five – Debdoot, Abhay, Priyabrata and Siddhartha including me was part of the plan. We decided to start our journey on 16th of January at around 10 PM by a scorpio and come back by next morning. We would have our dinner in some dhaba midway. We were excited from the thought of an exhilarating night journey on the way to digha. We were all set to start our trip and were waiting for the hired cab to come. We rang the driver and he assured that it will take some time as he was repairing the car. Now gradually the clock ticked 10:30 but there was no sign of the driver. Our tempo began to flag. Then we dropped our plan to go by scorpio and hired a mere Omni thinking that going slightly uncomfortably is far better than the cancellation of plan. So we started the journey at around 11:15 PM in an ebullient mood. But we forgot that there was a rule in the campus that prohibits students to go outside the campus after 11. As the main gate approached we decided that we would tell the security that we were going to railway station. But in reality that was of no use as the they were strict enough to let us slip through the gate. Again we became morally down. We then decided that let us drop the plan of experiencing a night journey rather we might change the scenario to a go-in-day-back-in-night type. Anyway in that case also we could make a night journey but that might not be as much enjoyable as the previous plan. We told the driver that we would set out early morning. But he was also not sure whether he could able to take us that much early. But anyway he took my phone number and told that he would reveal his decision in a moment. Being dejected we started to have our dinner in VS. now suddenly there was twist in the tale.
Someone called me and told that a car was ready to pick us up to go Digha and we should come outside VS in no time. We were in such hurry that we forgot to pay the bill in VS. We could not understand the situation and went there hurriedly. Then we realised  that there was a private car to sneak us out of the main gate and from there the Omni would take us and begin the journey. But still we were not sure that this time how we could get out under the nose of the security. The driver of the car assured that they would exempt us from checking as that was a private car. But the logic did not satisfy us completely. Anyway we got into the car and rushed towards the outside of the shell. While approaching the main gate we crossed our finger and to our utter dismay the car passed swiftly through the gate. We were ecstatic then and found resemblance of the situation with that of a scene in the movie Argo. The driver of the car got us down in front of the sub-divisional hospital and told to wait for the Omni. We thanked him and praised his skill though that was not his skill but the nebulous rule of the security which brought was outside in a tricky manner.
Within a while the Omni came and we finally began our journey at around 12. Now we were in full mood of enjoy. Debdoot brought out his newly bought sound box and started to play some song. That made our journey more rejoicing. Meanwhile we stopped by a roadside dhaba and had some eatables as per or plan. In the whole journey we did not sleep even for a while. We spent our time by chit-chatting, throwing pranks to each other and making plans after we reach Digha. Truly speaking a long distance night journey could not be better than this and thanks to my friends whose company made it a worth to remember.
We reached Digha around 5 in the morning. The weather was chilling outside. Outside was as dark as night. When we got down the car we just trembled in the cold. The sea breeze seemed to touch our bones. It was that much cold. We had tea in a shop there. The tea was so awful that we thought the tea-maker mixed some soil with tea. Then we moved to the sea. There was not much crowd then. The moon was up in the sky and the sun was all set to rise. So, the surrounding was like half bright. Some fishing boats were seen from distance. We made our feet wet in the sea water. The water was not as much cold as the surrounding. I then folded my jeans up and went to ankle deep water. But I refrained from going deeper as that would make my jeans wet. After that we took a stroll along the beach. As the sun rose I took some photos of the rising star. We enjoyed the fish-hunting of seagull. We sat down for a while in front of the beach. We gelt hungry and decided to have some breakfast. After the breakfast we headed towards our car and we felt a little tired then. The clock was ticking 7 at that time. So we decided to have a short nap of about an hour and then take the sea-bath. But our nap duration become much longer and we headed to beach again at 9. We bought a ball with which we would play in the sea.
Now this was going to be Siddhartha’s first sea-bath experience. So he was little frightened initially. But as time went on all of us started to enjoy the sea heavily. I was vey excited and shouting at top of my voice. The gorgeous waves roared towards us and when it was breaking on us then we became elated like none else. We created different postures out of joy. We started to play with the ball we bought. But after some time the strong breeze took the ball away from us and it disappeared in the mid sea. As time went by, much people gathered in the sea and took the bath. The sea wave formed higher as I and Debdoot went much further into the sea. As the waves broke on me, salt water was entering through my nose, ear, mouth as well. But I did not pay heed of the trouble and continue my excitement in the sea. We splashed water to each other. After all, we were enjoying in all possible ways. Now it was time to leave and return to the car.
After returning, we changed our clothes. Then we felt immense hunger. We had our lunch in a nearby hotel. The lunch was awesome to me. We took prawn and pomfret with rice. Both fishes were too delicious. Having finished our lunch, we got back to the car and we were all set to go back to our den –Kharagpur. But the driver told us there was a little problem that the LPG gas by which the car was running was almost emptied and it had to be refilled. So, he began to search for gas. Now, this was not an easily available in the street. So, after a tiresome search he was able to find an LPG provider and the driver refilled his cylinder. Now, finally we were heading towards Kharagpur. We told the driver that he would go little quicker as Priyabrata had to catch the train to go home. Now, the driver took this utmost seriously and started to drive recklessly. He ignored the bumps, sometimes broke the speed-checkers, spread dust all over the street, took sharp turns and lot more. Debdoot had his spectacles broken due to his rough driving. But finally we reached to campus safely.
Now, this was my third outing with these sets of friends after Shushunia and Shantiniketan. But I have to admit that this was the most successful trip out of these three. We enjoyed a lot in this night-day trip. Hope, I will able to manage to experience such awesome outing with such awesome friends.