Friday, 29 August 2014

Laws and their usefulness

"Every individual in a society has a responsibility to obey just laws and to disobey and resist unjust laws"

The characteristics which differentiates human being from other living bodies is that human being is a social animal. So being in society every people has his own responsibility to make the society a better one in terms of peacefulness and humanity. Peacefulness in a society can only prevail when there will be certain rules and norms pertaining to equality, justice and other aspects. These rules in written form are laws. Each people have the right to explore those rules and give opinion to the correctness of those laws otherwise the main motivation of making those laws will not be fulfilled. Whenever there are some unrest within the society, then applying those laws and with proper evidences, the wrongdoers should be punished.

As every dwellers of the society should look into the betterment of the society, it is apparently true that each individual has a responsibility to obey just laws and to disobey and resist unjust laws. To me, to certain extent this is correct. Because unjust laws can’t do the betterment of the society rather it can insert more turbulence within it. However, if the argument is examined closely then there will arise some reasons which will oppose the apparent freedom of every individual in a society.

First of all, the word ‘just’ and ‘unjust’ are totally relative to the large population of the society. What is ‘just’ to a man of a society can be purely ‘unjust’ to others and vice-versa. The situation may arise like, every laws are unjust to some people. If this is the case, then there is no need to make the laws. And if there are no laws then an anarchy will prevail. When there is certain law, then it has been made after considering certain situation. It has to have some good prospect which may not be realized by every people in the society. The laws which are ‘unjust’ to some people now, may prove a purely ‘just’ one when such kind of situation will arrive.

Secondly, resisting laws means some people are recalcitrant to the authority. There is no point to resist laws. Things people in society can do is they may discuss with the authority about the disadvantages of such laws. But blatantly refusing laws will not be the intelligent solution. They can make the laws an adaptive one which becomes rigid in pressing situation otherwise flexible. But they can’t disobey the laws because disobeying laws means disobeying the lawmakers which may otherwise provide an adverse effect to the hierarchy of the society.

Finally, to make the society healthier and smoother to live, there should be a good understanding within its people. They must care for each other and feel for one another. Then only a society will be a happy place which can’t be obtained from just condemning some laws which are felt ‘unjust’ to a stint people.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A vacation worth spent

After a long, tiring one month of college days I came my heavenly home for more than couple of days on the Independence Day with an ebullient mood. To me vacation in home means spending time with utmost leisure keeping myself a safe distance away from academics. But this time what I did in the vacation is worth mentioning.

I had the book “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini with me for more than a year. But I could not manage to read even a single page of it. The pressure of day-to-day packed schedule of college did not allow me to do that. This time I was fully determined that I would finish the book within this vacation. Though the task was too arduous to accomplish, I almost reached my goal. I could not finish the book, but right now Mr. Hosseini overwhelmed me with his splendid creation. Talking about the book is not a very easy task for me as the marvel of the book is truly ineffable. The book as far as I have gone through is centered with two teenaged boys, one Mr. Hosseini himself and another is his so called lower caste ‘Hazara’ friend Hassan. It describes all aspects of the author’s childhood. Basically his childhood was entirely filled up by his best friend Hassan and the ambivalence towards his own father. The novel gradually turns to be a haunting story of love, loss and betrayal which is truly heart touching. But what I liked most of Mr. Hosseini is his lucid, terse and laconic writing style with a fabulous choice of words. He merely ridiculed his novel and presented in a very ground-to-earth manner. The Times truly reviewed the book by stating “He’s not afraid to pull every string in your heart to make it sing”. I loved the book so much.

Another notable thing I did in this vacation is, I watched a movie named “The Cast Away”. The movie is directed by Tom Hanks. It is a superb movie to watch. In this movie a head of FedEx becomes solitary in an island after a plane-crush. The movie pictures how he survived in that island for 14 long years and how he escaped from that island. It sounds the truth, “Human has to move on with time, because tomorrow the sun will rise”, all along the movie.

Alongside, I devoured the savored dishes made by mother scrupulously. I enjoyed the outing with my friends. It was more than special to me for some reason. And all these made my holiday a fantastic one. 

Friday, 8 August 2014

Politician especially indian

Now the foregoing discussion will be centered to India’s most dangerous (not sarcastically) species called politicians. The name politician should itself bear a great respect as politicians have the responsibility to make their surrounding environment more facilitated for carrying on daily life. But this is not true in a country like India.
First of all Indian politics is like a mire. The more animosity you will give it the more it will seem to be less. To common citizens of India politicians are as filthy as a bin full of garbage. Indian politician can do anything for their own good but nothing for country’s good. They want the comfortable chair of the political position not for serve the country but for serving themselves.
Indian politicians are enough adroit to hoax people so that public elect them as the owner of supreme power. Politicians assures them with some equivocal lectures by which people get attracted to them. In one word this is a perfect example of shenanigan.
Not only that Indian politicians are true picture of larceny and purloin also. They think public’s wealth as their own and enjoy the same like nothing. They have no attention to various breeding problems of India. May be they do not treat their country as their motherland rather as a land of luxury.
It is not like that public are not vexed with politician’s behavior. But what is the point to oppose them when the ultimate decision makers are them only. Politicians get involved in many reprehensible crimes. But either they are exonerated or their crime are proved to be misdemeanor. Sometimes some insurgent people try to foment but those malefactors still remain safe.
So, it will be better not to discuss about Indian politics because it will kindle more pugnacity but may be remain futile.