Thursday, 17 July 2014

Indian cinema

Indian cinema in my view
Indian people have an immense fervor about cinema. In India, movies, both Hindi and the regional one, are released in a sporadic fashion every year. Many of those are much popular amongst a greater part of Indian population, but there are many reasons to be solicitous about the growth of Indian movies.
Many will repudiate the inferiority of current trend of Indian cinema but there are much space of reproach towards those motion pictures. The idea of criticism lies in the fact that the production of Indian Film industries are nowhere popular within global viewers. The characteristics which are making the picture an adverse one are many.
First of all the theme of Indian movie has suffered much digression from the eclectic amalgamation of ingenuous, artless and simple daily life stories of 60’s and 70’s to predictable, hyperbolic and banal unrealistic stories. Exacerbating the fact some movies are too long to be soporific and at the end of the movie it would seem to be inconsequential. Moreover in contrast to those so called ‘anachronous old’ movies, recent movies have no internal message to learn within it.
Apart from that, now-a-days Indian film-makers are not concentrating to make something of their own rather they are delighted to copy the parts of the films from some other sources and demand the result a superior one. Not only that, there is a new style of adaptation from some not-so-familiar, obscure works of others so that the viewers can easily be duped to take those plagiarized material an original one.
Adding to those facts, the current Indian movies contain too much levity. Film-makers have realized that some ‘item songs’, some ‘foreign location’ shooting, some bombastic action will hit the viewers and so those filmmakers are incorporating some ostentatious embellishment rather than even mild creativity. These situation has make the viewers inured to enjoy those reprobate films. They have forgot to appreciate the new, creative one. This is not the fact that no creative, out of track movies are being released, but they are not popularized for that reason, becoming the innovation inchoate.

Apart from all condemn, there is way out to ameliorate the situation. Film-makers, producers should make films not for money or just for entertaining the mob but they should also try to make Indian film industry a familiar one to global market. For this, they do not have to make plenty of films at a time but they should concentrate to make some better films taking much time.

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