Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A vacation worth spent

After a long, tiring one month of college days I came my heavenly home for more than couple of days on the Independence Day with an ebullient mood. To me vacation in home means spending time with utmost leisure keeping myself a safe distance away from academics. But this time what I did in the vacation is worth mentioning.

I had the book “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini with me for more than a year. But I could not manage to read even a single page of it. The pressure of day-to-day packed schedule of college did not allow me to do that. This time I was fully determined that I would finish the book within this vacation. Though the task was too arduous to accomplish, I almost reached my goal. I could not finish the book, but right now Mr. Hosseini overwhelmed me with his splendid creation. Talking about the book is not a very easy task for me as the marvel of the book is truly ineffable. The book as far as I have gone through is centered with two teenaged boys, one Mr. Hosseini himself and another is his so called lower caste ‘Hazara’ friend Hassan. It describes all aspects of the author’s childhood. Basically his childhood was entirely filled up by his best friend Hassan and the ambivalence towards his own father. The novel gradually turns to be a haunting story of love, loss and betrayal which is truly heart touching. But what I liked most of Mr. Hosseini is his lucid, terse and laconic writing style with a fabulous choice of words. He merely ridiculed his novel and presented in a very ground-to-earth manner. The Times truly reviewed the book by stating “He’s not afraid to pull every string in your heart to make it sing”. I loved the book so much.

Another notable thing I did in this vacation is, I watched a movie named “The Cast Away”. The movie is directed by Tom Hanks. It is a superb movie to watch. In this movie a head of FedEx becomes solitary in an island after a plane-crush. The movie pictures how he survived in that island for 14 long years and how he escaped from that island. It sounds the truth, “Human has to move on with time, because tomorrow the sun will rise”, all along the movie.

Alongside, I devoured the savored dishes made by mother scrupulously. I enjoyed the outing with my friends. It was more than special to me for some reason. And all these made my holiday a fantastic one. 

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