Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Minions: pros and cons

Just now watched the prequel of couple of despicable me, minions with souvikda in gopalan signature mall. We went there directly from office. This is my third experience of watching movie in multiplex after despicable me 2 in bangalore and penguins in kolkata. Surprisingly all the movies seen by me in multiplex are animation.
Anyway, talking about minions, in few words , it is far better than despicable me 2 but not as good as the first version of same. After watching the previous couple of parts, it is clear to everybody that minions are a weary-language-telling, obscure-things-performing a total funny species. In Minions, which is basically a prequel of the series, they were bound to find a leader. Throughout the movie they searched for their captain but failed to find so. And finally, they found the despicable Gru who would be the future leader of minions.
The first half of the movie was really well. That depicted the true funny natures of minions. They were surpassing various obstacles wittily in course of finding their leader. They found one but that proved to be a treacherous lady. The encounters with the lady in the very first half of the movie was on the funnier side. But in the second half, to me, the movie makers messed up a little bit. They engaged minions in too much artificial, imaginary fighting which should not be the main theme of this movie. Moreover, the fightings had neither any intelligence part nor any humorous elements which two are most important characteristics of minions as highlighted in previous minion movies.
Drawing attraction of general public and subsequently making more money from it might have added little sour in the taste. In this context, I have some thoughts about this type of sequels or prequels. Despicable Me was an excellent movie undoubtedly. But Despicable Me 2 was a super-flop. iMDB rating of it bolsters the fact. Now, the producer wants to make a new movie but he is not sure of its outcome. He got the idea in his brain but is little hesitant to launch it in industry. So he applied a wrapper of previously popular movie and shotted it. So what is the result? He produced a mixture of oil and water-two things which will never mingle. My point is that, minions is like a mixture of some mutually repelling characteristics. Those high voltage fightings can never suit to minions. Whenever someone is making a movie he should have enough confidence on his idea. But I found a somewhat less confident creator in Minions.

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