Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Large or small company

Some people prefer to work for a large company. Others prefer for a small company. Which you would prefer?
If I would have been given a choice between working in a large company and a small company, I will definitely choose to work in the small company. There are various reasons behind my choice. Those are summarized below.
Firstly, in a small company there are less number of people. If there are less number of people around, there will surely be less number of opinion over a matter. Therefore, it will be easier to come to a consensus in a small company. On the other hand, in large companies, there are more people who will throw their own opinion and it will be tougher to decide one policy or something like that. Moreover, in small farms, as there are less people, it is possible to pay attention to everyone's opinion. Nobody will feel left out there. But, in large industries, it is almost impossible to do so which I personally don't like. In fact, who does not want to share his/her opinion? So, in small companies, scope of contribution in terms of decision making, is much better.
Secondly, every well-established company should have a well-structured team, be the company small or large. Now, in large companies, generally in lower level, people are asked to do some regular work like filling XL sheets properly, maintaining data etc. These works just take time. These require minimal special knowledge or brainstorming. On the other side, as there are less number of people in small companies, everyone has more responsibility. Everyone has to be focused on building team. Somebody has to do some low profile jobs, but he/she too has to take some responsibilities towards building team or towards betterment of the company. This task of taking responsibility will eventually teach many traits to the people. People will get experience more form this. That will help them in real life also.
Finally, as small company does not spread in the market more, they have less dependency on current situation. But, the large companies have such dependencies. If situation goes wrong, then large companies will collapse all of a sudden. Employees in large companies will lose jobs. But, small companies may not suffer much in some adverse situation as they had little correlation with current market and hence they have learnt to stand on their own foot. For an example in the time recession many large US companies like Goldman Sachs, Deustche Bank, underwent bankruptcy. But, then also small companies were alive.
So, to summarize, for having a better place to contribute, a better working environment, a less dependent job I will prefer to join small company. 

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