Friday, 9 September 2016

Mode of travel

Choose one of the following transportation vehicles and explain why you think it has changed people’s lives.
·         Automobiles
·         Bicycles
·         Airplanes

There are many modes of transportation which have evolved in last few decades. To me, the transportation which changed people’s lives most is Airplanes. There are several reasons behind my thought which are described below.

Firstly, now-a-days airplanes is the quickest vehicle for transportation. Previously people used to rely on motor vehicles which took much time to traverse required distance. Now, if someone has to go somewhere very urgently, within a short notice then he has to move fast and airplane is the best possible way to do so. If he availed other automobiles, then he might not reach destination in time and it would be a big loss to him.

Secondly, to cover long distances like from one country to another or one continent to another, airplane is the first option which comes to our mind now-a-days. As airplane made this travel easier, the relationship between two countries has been better in many ways. For example: now countries can do import-export business between them very quickly and in much simpler way. Moreover, other countries’ political characters are now able to make a frequent visit to a country. US president Barack Obama’s recent visit in India is one of the example of such growing relationships.

Apart from that, people can travel to other countries very easily now. Previously, to visit foreign countries, ships were the only means to do so. By visiting other countries, we experience a different culture, different lifestyle and so on. As, people are now able to travel to other countries very easily, it is also profitable to countries having heritage sites like Cambodia, Vietnam; natural beauties like Switzerland, France; cultural diversities like Egypt etc. So people are now visiting foreign countries to have some lifetime experience and Airplanes only are making that possible in an easy manner.

So, to make gist, Airplanes have changed peoples’ livelihood as a whole. Distance is not a matter of bother due to advancement of airplanes.

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