Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Money - what should we do?

Is it better to enjoy your money when you earn it or is it better to save your money for some time in future?

When people earn money then he can do two things with that money – either he can spend all the earned money towards enjoyment or he can spend the minimal amount and save the rest for future. I would prefer to keep a balance between these two. Basically to me it is better to follow little enjoyment and much saving when we are young and the reverse when we grow old. There are several reasons behind this opinion.

First of all, when we are young, we are full of energy. If we start enjoying too much, then definitely all the earned money will drain out. There will be nothing left for future. Now, for future money is indeed needed. Because, the fact that today we can earn does not guarantee that this earning is permanent. So, to make survival sure for the future, at younger age we should largely save the money we earn. On the other hand, if we are old, there are very less to think for the future, unless we think about posterity. But to me, old people should not restrict themselves from enjoying the money they earn and should leave their next generation independent.

Secondly, when we are young we should also think for our family and their well beings. We should prepare for their sudden illness, children’s education and so on. If we expend every penny behind enjoyment, then we would have nothing or very little left to execute those and we may face problem then. So, for that we should not expend unnecessarily much for our enjoyment. At old age, children will mostly be adult and they then can live their own. Moreover, children can take care of their parents. So, that time, if we earn money then we should not hesitate for enjoying.

Lastly, money is never all about only enjoyment or saving. It is something bigger than that. There is a huge part of society who cannot earn money as much as someone needs for livelihood. If we think that we have much money for enjoyment, then for some moment we should stop and thinking their situation, we should utilize some money towards them – like donating in some trust etc. That may also be some sort of enjoyment, when we will think that we are contributing toward the mankind.
So, in a nutshell, money should be attempted to save as much as possible when the future seems to be wider because nobody can tell what will happen tomorrow.

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