Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Cooperation or competition

In the given issue it has been stated that the best way for society to prepare its young people for leadership in government, industry, or other fields is by instilling in them a sense of cooperation instead of competition. I am readily agreeing with this statement. There are several reasons behind my agreement. Those are summarized below.
First of all, leadership in government, industry or any other field is such a position where the leader has to think constantly the good for his followers. If his followers are not in good situation physically, mentally or financially and if the leader is the reason for this then the people will no more follow him. For an example, if a state minister randomly hikes the prices of essential commodities without any reason then the residents of that state will surely not elect that minister in next election. So, the leader has to cooperate with his follower. He has to understand their needs and work accordingly. This cooperative attitude should be grown from the very young age only. Because youths are malleable enough to assimilate anything good.
Secondly, it is also important for a leader to create good relation with other leaders in same fields also. If he cooperates with other leaders then he may learn some leadership traits from them too. He can know whether those leaders are more successful and if yes what are the reasons behind their success. But if he has a harsh competitive attitude then others will not cooperate with him and that may lead to an unsuccessful leadership. For an example, suppose there are two industries - A and B. Both industries are successful in some extent. Now, A's leader want to collaborate with B's for betterment of both. In this case, if B's leader wishes to cooperate with A's then both industries together will become a huge success. But if, B's leader has competitive attitude and refuse to collaborate then A's leader may ask some other leader's help and they will make a huge industry together which in turn affect B's success. So, here B's leader's attitude is directly linked with his success.
Finally, leadership is not a rocket science that if it is executed, the leader will be a highly successful one. A leader has to always keep in mind that whom he is leading. He has to realize that he became a leader because his followers and other leaders have chosen so. If he does not cooperate with them rather try to compete then his position will not be intact. So, cooperative attitude is mostly required to be a good leader. But, they have also to mark his enemy with whom he should compete. Because he has to go much further than his enemy.
So, young people should be taught the cooperative attitude from the very beginning of their life. If they adhere to this marvelous trait then they will implant this attitude into their work or action in future also. They should know the stories of successful leaders. These can make them a successful leader in future also. And successful leaders in a society make it a more healthy place to live.

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