Sunday, 12 October 2014


If you could invent something new, what product would you develop? Use specific details to explain why this invention is needed.

To create something new which was not familiar to the world is something called invention. Every creative mind in the earth wants to invent something. May be the invention is in the field of arts, maybe it is in the field of science or maybe it is related to some other field. Whatever be the invention, to me an invention is successful only when it is of some use to human being to facilitate their living.
In spite of the massive advancement in science and technology there are many issues with which human are still uncomfortable. One of those issues is cancer. Today biological science has got its stature but not enough to produce some treatment of cancer. There are some techniques like chemotherapy which can slow down the pace of spreading cancer in an affected body but no permanent cure of cancer has been discovered till date. Truly speaking, if I could invent something new, I would invent one medicine which can cure cancer totally from an affected person. This would be an invention from which many people from different parts of the world would be benefitted. There are several reasons behind my choice of inventing treatment of cancer. Those are summarized below.
Firstly, a large part of premature death in USA as well as South-East Asia occurs from cancer. Many people lose their near and dear ones due to cancer. There are many families where the earning person dies of cancer. One of my nearest one was suffering from cancer for a couple of year. I have visioned the pain of suffering with my own eye. Recently he passed away. He was the head of the family. Now his family has been totally ruined. They have no income source now-a-days. So cancer snatched away all from them. I want to prevent this kind of massive destruction caused by cancer and I believe that my invention would do that.
Secondly, cancer is almost a hereditary disease. Once a family is affected with cancer, its descendants have high probability to get affected too. So, cancer is like a curse to human and none can remove the curse - once spelled, nothing can be done. If I would discover a cure for cancer then it would no more be a curse. It would just like a mere disease as cough and cold.
Moreover today the adulteration of food has got such a height that the chance of affected by cancer is increasing day-by-day. If the situation sustains like this, then getting down by cancer will almost be inevitable. The death rate due to cancer will be so high that mankind will be at stake. So, my desired invention will prevent this life taking disease from destroying mankind. People will at least feel safer than before.
So, my development of the treatment of cancer will restore many precious life throughout the world. Not only it will save people from premature death, but also it will bring smile in the faces of large number of people.

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