Thursday, 23 October 2014

Enjoying life - younger or older

Yes I agree with the statement that "Young people enjoy life more than older people do." There are various reasons behind my agreement. Those are summarized below.

Firstly, to enjoy life one has to be full of energy, enthusiasm and fearlessness. Young people have that level energy and courage for which they can do whatever they want to do. But, older people are generally lack of energy. May be, the older people wish to do a lot of activities. But their level of energy does not permit them to perform those desired activities. For an example: Skydiving is a thrilling activity which a major portion of young people perform. They are able to do so because they have necessary amount of energy and enthusiasm within them. But, an older person is generally incapable to skydive because lack of courage as well as energy. So, due to their energetic and courageous feature young people enjoy life more than older people do.

Secondly, older people are generally full of tension. They have been exposed to various incidents throughout their life. They have gathered much verisimilar experiences. This incidents and experiences left them tensed all over the day. They critically judge every incident and foresee the worst outcome from them. So, they can not enjoy their life. On the other hand, young people possess a careless like attitude. They do not think much of future rather they believe in present. They are confident enough to handle any situation. So, they are brave enough to explore various stature of life. From that they get immense enjoyment which older people generally unable to achieve. For an example: if there is a plan to travel in a hilly area then the older people will always think about the accidents there may happen, the landslide there may occur. So, they may refrained to go there. But young ones will tell that they will manage themselves whenever such situation will arise. This difference between old and young matters to enjoyment.

Thirdly, young people have not their family burden. Mostly they are student. They are dependent on their parents for their fooding and living. So, they can spend a great amount of time towards enjoyment. In contrast to that, the older people have family. They are bound to feed their family. So, they always have to think how the family will survive. For that, they spend most of the time of the day in earning money and get exhausted in the later half of the day. Therefore, they are not getting any time for enjoyment. For an example: if someone visits a cinema hall in an evening show they can realize that there are more number of young people than the old people. Because, older ones are tired then after whole day of hectic schedule. But, young people are not. So, they are enjoying the movie.

Finally, in their old age people are worn out of various chronic disease which is a huge hindrance in the way of enjoying life. But, the younger people are generally disease free. So, their health permits enjoyment. Therefore they can hang out with their friends, party with their closed ones which older diseased people can not do. For an example: many old people become down with spondylitis which prevent them to go and enjoy in some party. Which is not in the case of younger ones.

Therefore, the energetic, restless, fearless, tension-free young people enjoy their life more compared to the worried, burdenful, diseased old people due to the reasons discussed above clearly.

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