Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Movie production

In the given passage the advertising director of the Super Screen Movie Production Company has made a conclusion about the betterment of his industry. He has some arguments behind his conclusion in the memo. But, there are some questions which need to be answered before taking the decision. Those are discussed below.
The first question which needs answer is what is the cost of those movies when it is screened in cinema halls or sold through digital media. The movies produced by Super Screen Movie Production Company may be good enough but the cost also may be so high that it prevent people to attend those movies. There may be other production houses which are producing similar type of good movies but at lower cost. So the cost factor is a big question behind the success of the Super Screen Movie Production Company.
Secondly, it is written that the percentage of positive reviews about specific Super Screen movies increased during the past year. But, the actual number and the comparison with other production company has not been discussed here. May be, other production companies are making many good movies unlike Super Screen's "specific" movies. It also may be the case that other production companies' increase in positive review is much higher than Super Screen's. So the real improvement in quality of movies produced by Super Screen Movie in comparison to other company is another question which seeks answer.
Thirdly, who exactly are the reviewers discussed in the argument and how exactly their review is matched with common people is also a point of doubt. The reviewers may judge Super Screen's movie as a good one but their judgment may not be unanimously accepted. The reviewers may not be aware of current trend and they are judging the movies of Super Screen Movie Production Company from their viewpoint only. So the quality of reviewer is a question which need to be answered.
Next, it has not been mentioned about the current advertisement policy of Super Screen Movie Production Company. May be they are already investing enough budget to advertising and it is also reaching to the people. But, people are not liking it. If it is, then there is no need to increase the budget. Because increase in advertising will have no more positive effect on people. So, current advertising quantity of the production company is also a question
Finally, success does not depend on a single parameter only. When multiple criteria meet together then success occurs. Here also, to get success, the director of Super Screen Movie Production Company has to concentrate on various aspects rather than thinking about a small change. He has to talk with public to know the public demand. He should not realize only on reviewer's words. Because ultimately he is serving the public, so their concern matters largely.

Therefore the director of the movie production company has to closely analyze the above questions before taking a final decision.

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