Friday, 10 October 2014

Shopping Mall

It has recently been announced that a large shopping center may be built
in your neighborhood. Do you support or oppose this plan? Why? Use
specific reasons and details to support your answer.
Yes, I support the plan to build a large shopping center in my neighborhood. There are many reasons for my agreement. These are summarized below.
Firstly, if a shopping center is built in my neighborhood then it will be easier for us to procure essential items which are of reliable quality also. As there is no such shopping center currently, we have to depend on cheap, low quality, local materials. Moreover, sometimes there are shortage in supply of those materials and we have to suffer for this. Therefore, upon building a large shopping center we can get quality materials with abundant supply.
Secondly, many people will come from different places to visit the shopping center. So, to facilitate their visit our municipality will decorate our neighborhood. May be they will increase the number of street lights operating on the roadside of our locality. They may keep our locality more clean. This will make our neighborhood more quaint and vibrant one.
Thirdly, as there will be a gathering of many people from many places, our locality will be widely known. At present, outside our locality, very few person have knowledge about our area. If, the large shopping center is built, then our area will be familiarized by many people in the city. So, our locality will then get a prominent place in the map of the city. Our neighborhood will be no more a lesser known one, rather many people will know about our locality and we also will get a feeling of being acknowledged.
Moreover, establishment of a large shopping center will necessitate further establishment of some side business also. For an example, there must be some food corners around that shopping center. At present our neighborhood has no renowned food corners like KFC, McDonald's or Domino's. If such shopping center will be in reality, then we will no longer be lacking of those much needed food corners.
Finally, the newly built shopping center will be a place of leisure and relaxation for us. Whenever I will get bored, I may take a troll to the shopping center with my friends to get rid of monotonous times. The view of many energized people will make me charged to be able to get back into my work.

So, looking on the various advantages, I readily support to the plan to build a large shopping center in my neighborhood as it will facilitate our lives in more superior ways.

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